Pl-360 For Pet Lovers Everywhere

    About us

    Here we have a pretty straightforward philosophy – make pet care simpler for our fellow pet lovers out there.

    Our best lessons in gratitude, love and compassion often come from our pets. The same goes for what we know about playing freely and living fully. Each day, our pets look at us like we are superheroes, not knowing they are the ones who inspire us.

    To repay them for their devoted, unconditional love, we owe them everything we know about their wellbeing. That’s why for 14 years we’ve made it our mission to create products that keep our pets healthy, happy and clean in the simplest way possible. For us, that means using natural ingredients that are safe for pets. It also means finding innovative ways to make pet care easier so you and your pet can get back to doing the things that you love. The result? Effective solutions that do exactly what they say they will (and trust us, they will).

    But we don’t do this alone. We are constantly driven by conversations we have with other pet lovers. We come up with ideas while walking our dogs and we make plans while playing fetch. With the help of veterinarians, dermatologists and pet experts who share our vision, we’ve been able to get our hands dirty to learn how to keep their paws clean—safely and naturally.

    Meet the pets we love

    Here are just some of the furry faces that helped inspire and create the PL360 brand.

    • Auggie

      image of Auggie
    • Bandit

      image of Bandit
    • Bella

      image of Bella
    • Bentley

      image of Bentley
    • Chase

      image of Chase
    • Cooper

      image of Cooper
    • Cooper

      image of Cooper
    • Giga & Bella

      image of Giga & bella
    • Hank

      image of Hank
    • Jackson

      image of Jackson
    • Lilac

      image of Lilac
    • Lily

      image of Lily
    • Maverick

      image of Maverick
    • Mrs. Pickles

      image of Mrs. pickles
    • Ruby

      image of Ruby
    • Sophie

      image of Sophie
    • Sophie

      image of Sophie
    • Tucker

      image of Tucker
    • Wes

      image of Wes
    • Winston

      image of Winston
    • Zeus

      image of Zeus